Message Notes For 5/23/2021:

We are still following Jesus as He teaches and answers challenges from the religious leaders in the Temple. It is Tuesday, a day full of questions and responses. In our texts Jesus tells three parables and quotes one psalm. Read Matthew 21:28-22:14; Mark 12:1-12; Luke 20:9-19; Psalm 118.


- In the parable of the two sons, who might each son represent?


- In the parable of the vineyard, who do you think is the landowner? Who are the farmers? Who are the servants? Who is the son? 


- How do we bring this to today, right here and now? How can we apply this?


- A couple of days earlier when Jesus rode into Jerusalem the people were acting out part of Psalm 118 in what way? Now Jesus quotes this same psalm about the stone being rejected. How were they rejecting the stone?


- Now we come to a parable of a king throwing a party for his son. How does the point of this parable tie in with the previous parable and the quote from the psalm?


- What is up with the guy not wearing proper wedding attire? 


- In what ways can we reject Jesus?