Message Notes For 10/25/2020:

Please pray and read again, carefully, Luke:15:11-32.


-  When the younger son asked for his inheritance early, what was he asking for? What would the father have to do to meet this request?


- This parable is commonly referred to as the palpable of the "Prodigal Son."  What does the word prodigal mean?


- Jesus gets pretty descriptive to the Jewish hearers about the youngers son's predicament. What things demonstrate how far the young man had sunk. 


- As forgiven sons and daughters of God reflect just briefly think of a low moral point in your life. Now praise Him for loving and saving you.


- Jesus says up front that this parable is about two sons. When you think of Jesus' audience that day, who might identify with each son? Who do you identify with mostly?


- This may seem obvious, but who does the father represent? When you think of God does He fit the description that you find here--longing, watching, waiting, running? Why or why not?

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