Message Notes For 5/9/2021:

This week we are looking at John's Gospel account of what took place soon after the triumphal entry. Read John 12:20-47.


- In verse 20 we are told a very short account of some Greeks wanting to see Jesus. Why were they there? How do you suppose they had come to believe in the one true God of the Jews?


- What might be some reasons they wanted to meet Jesus?


- Phillip and Andrew propose this to Jesus, why them? This is just like Andrew. Why do I say that?


- Did Jesus meet with them?


- Was Jesus' next statement ignoring the request or addressing it?


- Jesus uses a kernal of wheat to illustrate a truth. Think through the process of planting a seed. What happens in slow motion?


- We know Jesus was about to lay down His life and die. How are we to follow Him in this. What does it look like in your life?