Message Notes For 9/20/2020:


We continue to follow Jesus through the Gospels chronologically as best we can. This week we are in Luke 14:1-24. You might also read Matthew 22:1-14.


- Jesus is invited to dine at the house of a prominent Pharisee. Why do they keep inviting Jesus if they dislike Him so much.


- It is a sabbath day and again Jesus heals someone. Why was Jesus always challenging their sabbath traditions in this way? 


- Jesus puts mercy and compassion ahead of their traditions. Is there anything we need to rethink?


- Jesus then watches how the guests are competing for the best seats. Bonus question. What was considered the best seat and second best seat at one of these dinners?


- Was Jesus simply advising them in social graces? What was His point? How are you doing with this?


- Then Jesus gives His host advice on his next luncheon in 12-14 and tells him that if he does this he will be blessed. How do you suppose a person is blessed by doing this? Do practice this? Name someone in our community you know that could not repay your invitation.


- Jesus tells another parable at this same dinner about a great banquet. Who might Jesus be talking about that refuse the invitation? Who are the others He invites instead?

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