Message Notes For 2/14/2020:

Our text this week is Luke 17:20-27. Jesus is asked questions which He answers. It is important to pay attention to who is doing the asking and what is the question. Read it for what it says and reflect on it before you read your Study Bible notes.


- Who asks the first question? What were they expecting in a King and the Kingdom? 


- Some Bible versions say Jesus said to the Pharisees that the kingdom "is within you." others say "among you". What difference do you think that might make?


- What might be some synonyms for "kingdom"?


- What is the subject being talked about in 26 -28?


- What is referred to by the phrase, "when the Son of Man is revealed"?


- What do you think is Jesus' point in 30-35?


- Jesus warns them/us to remember Lot's wife. What does He mean by this? 


- How shall we prepare for this day?

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