Message Notes For 6/7/2020:


This week we are considering what it means to be a shepherd of God's people. Read:

  • Psalm 23:1-6

  • Psalm 78:70-72

  • Ecc 12:11

  • Is 40:10-11

  • Ezk 34:12

  • Zech 10:2

  • Matt 9:36

  • and especially 1Peter 5:1-5


  1. Why might be some reasons the metaphor of a shepherd is used so often in Scripture?

  2. Reflect on Psalm 23. What makes a good shepherd. Make a list.

  3. Why are good shepherds so necessary?

  4. God is called a shepherd, the coming Messiah was referred to as one and kings and leaders were to be good shepherds of God's people. What happens to the flock when there are no shepherds?

  5. Peter wrote that elders are to be shepherds. How is this lived out here at FCC?

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